Saturday, 4 July 2009

Bark but no bite

I just created a Necromantic team over on FUMBBL, and I called them Bark but no bite.

In all my time playing Fantasy Football, I have never played these guys, so after a long hiatus from FUMBBL I made up the team and entered them into what is known as a "Speed Freaks Challenge" (SFC for short!). I won't even go into the fact I had already made a league just like this called the "Need for Speed League" (NFSL for short) and had my idea robbed by a former admin who then claimed it as her own! Anyway, that is water under the bridge! The basic premise is that your turn time is limited to 1 minute instead of the normal 4 minutes, ensuring that the gameplay is to say the least, frantic! There are 8 teams involved in the league, and you play 4 opponents, in a swiss round robin system.

Despite a disastrous starting game, where my Golem and Ghoul got niggling injuries (lest I forget, FUMBBL still uses LRB4 rules at this point) I still had chances to win the game, and conceded a late TD to lose 2-1 to an Undead team, who were the eventual winners. Next up for my broken horde were Ogres! The last race you would want to face in a league like this. I lost a ghoul this game (the one who wasn't niggled!) but focused on bringing down the Goblins as the coach had very few rerolls and relied on Bonehead saving me. I scraped through with a 1-0 win and thought I had weathered the storm.


Khemri were up next against a coach consistently ranked in the top 100 coaches on FUMBBL. He played a great game and my Zombies managed to contain his Mummies while I managed to use my speed to take advantage of a loose ball and scoot away for a 1-0 win, as Nuffle would have it, he (or she) decided that I had enough beatings for one night and granted that I would progress to the final round with a full squad. I need not have worried as my final opponent was an Elf team, who were absolutely mauled in the 3 previous rounds. I managed to add to their misery, dealing out 4 casualties on the hapless Elves, ending up with a 2-0 win and finishing 3rd from 8 teams. Not bad after a years break from playing games on FUMBBL!

I really like the Necromantic team. At first I always thought they were the poor mans Undead, and always felt uneasy having my best players on the team having no means to save them, and costing 120k to boot. I still haven't played Necromantic in LRB5 yet but they do seem to have improved a lot, though one of my favourite pastimes (fouling teams to death with Undead) is seriously hampered, but I guess that's what house rules are for!

I am hoping to get some pictures up before the weekend is out of some minis I have been painting, so stay tuned!


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