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Got fluff?

I love the fluff behind Blood Bowl, it is what got me interested in the game as a 16 year old (those were the days!). The carnage, the mayhem, and somewhere inbetween, there was a ball, not that it mattered much.

I really enjoy the fluff stories that arise, none moreso than the ones that have fluff with NAF "Did you know" facts. I used to coach a Skaven team that had several such facts, and I felt it added to the playing experience, every mutation gained as adressed with suitable fluff.

However, the two teams that I think suit the BloodBowl universe best are the Humans and the Orcs, the original teams in the box set. You can go several ways with the fluff with these teams, Orcs are clumsy louts who dont really care for winning but just like the chance to have a bit of a dustup with a few others. Comedy is usually the best fluff for Orcs, with some sort of broken Cockney English as their language. Humans can be like this also, but I have found that they can be well suited to a darker more serious theme. My friend used to run a Human team, who were basically a team of escaped convicts. Now they were a cool team. I want to try to run with that theme for my next Human team

The "Kislev Konvicts" were men who have denied charges of murder, robbery, GBH and worse. These men have been constantly turned down for parole, but the warden has decided that he will allow them parole, to let them see their families, if they agree to sign up to the Prison Blood Bowl team, who were strictly amateur at the time. Each man has a set target to reach within the team, after which he can be considered for parole. The team manager is a corrupt prison governor, whose nickname is "Boris the butcher", mostly due to his fondness of sending his teams out to face Ogres. He himself was mangled by a Ogre during his playing days, in fact he was a rather successful Blitzer for the Kabbaheim Komets, scoring an impressive 11 Touchdowns in a season. "Boris" maintains that sending out his teams against such monstrosities is the only way to make them men, like he claims to be.
The players know that in order for them to gain parole, they must commit unspeakable acts on the playing field. What will they do? they claim to be innocent... or are they?

I always gain a lot more attachment to a team if they have a good bit of fluff. I like the above story as you can roleplay a bit with your players. I intend to have some players who are wholly innocent and balk at the idea of this, but must weigh up the options of what they must do to gain parole, while others are plainly guilty, and will enjoy the chance to do what they love doing.

One aspect of fluff that I absolutely detest and really boils my urine is team fluff that sounds like it came out of a Warhammer Fantasy novel, and not a very good one at that! It doesnt make sense! I understand that in the fluff, BB was discovered by 2 factions at a battle but it is no reason to have a 3000 word diatribe of a battle to describe the background of your team when there are so many more better possibilities to develop them.

What is your favourite type of fluff for your teams? Do you even use any?
What is your favourite NAF fact? It can be one you completely made up!

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Anonymous,  18 October 2009 at 06:47  

Congrats on the blog! I love fluff as well, it's my favorite part of the game. And I find it amazing that no matter what happens on the pitch (in a game where anything's possible) you can always fit the fluff to it.

I have an orc team and a goblin team, both hailing from the same place: Gottenheim. It's a valley with a tiny fortification on the borders of the empire, long abandoned by the humans, claimed by an orc warboss. When one goblin found out that the former owner was a Count, the warboss changed his name from "da Vile" to "da Ville", and took the title to himself. After some failed attempts at "diplomacy" with the empire, he decided to take to the field of Bloodbowl, and gain notoriety there so as to get his title recognized. So the Gottenheim Greenskinz were born, and the entire tribe (or nation) has embraced this Bloodbowl fever. A stadiums was erected, and the orcs joined by the droves, the strongest and most fierce hand-picked by Count da Ville himself.

The goblins of the tribe, however, were not allowed to play, being meek and deplorable to the other orcs. One enterprising goblin decided to form a team of his own. He drafted a few goblins with promises of riches and success, and was even able to trick two very dumb trolls into joining the team. The hard part was over: after they managed to steal a ball for practice from Gottenheim's well-equipped orc team, they're set, even though it took them 5 of their best players! Thus were formed the Gottenheim Rejektz. Next up: the Spike Trophy!

Rob 30 October 2009 at 11:38  

Oh yeah you got to love the goblins! They make great fluff (along with halflings) as they suck bad so I know I can play them more characterfully with more "bonehead" plays that sometimes work but more often than not end in catasrophic failure!

Best of luck with the team!

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