Sunday, 5 July 2009

Should I go the well trodden path with my Chaos?

I am about to start running another Nurgle team and it got me thinking about in LRB4 how nasty Chaos were with Claw/RSC/PO Warriors, who could inflict a casualty on a hapless Wood Elf Lineman nearly 1 time in 3, around 30% of the time.

Some time ago, I ran some numbers to see exactly what damage these guys could do.

Breaking Armour

Claw & MB58.33%58.33%58.33%58.33%
PO & MB82.64%65.97%47.84%30.56%
PO & Claw65.97%65.97%65.97%65.97%
PO & MB & Claw82.64%82.64%82.64%82.64%
LRB4 Claw72.22%58.33%41.67%27.78%

Now maybe the table doesn't mean a whole lot but may be better explained by a chart!

Now it is fair to say that you can tailor what skill to take if you want to cause a stun vs a particular race. Piling On and Mighty Blow, on their own or together is a great skill to stun Elves and other lightly armoured races, but as you gain more armour, their effects dramatically wear off. Claw is a wasted skill vs teams like Skaven, Woodelves, Goblins (bar all the Big Guys) but it is a skill that Treemen should fear. Claw on its own will beak a Treemans Armour almost 42% of the time which is an excellent tactic seeing they are so difficult to move.

You can clearly see that LRB4 Claw is pretty much on a par with LRB5 Mighty Blow/Piling On, if only a little weaker. Claw was a much feared Mutation in LRB4

Do I need to even mention the whopping 82% success rate of Claw/Mighty Blow/Piling On on anybody?

Well, that is just causing at the very worst, Stuns. What happens if you are a bloodthirsty so and so and want to rid the earth of the team you are facing? The following numbers incorporate breaking Armour, so take the percentages from the point when you knock the opponent down.

Causing a Casualty

Wow, just look at the pure killing power of Claw, Mighty Blow & Piling On as a Combo. The only downside to it is that you need to go prone to use it which puts a great big "Foul me!" target on your head, but if you think of the implications of this over a match... There are 16 turns in a game, and if you were able to Blitz (and knock down of course) a player every turn, you could expect to cause 5 (yes that is 5!) Casualties all with one player. However, such a player is going to cost you his base cost + 60kGp, plus at least 31 Star Player Points.

Who knows what this strategy would have for your chances of actually scoring. Will your opponent try to single him out and take him down early, leaving you with your main game winner out of the game or will he run and hide, try to rack up as many TD's as he can. Perhaps he could just induce some journeymen and feed them to your monster and score freely.

Another interesting point is that a player like a Human Blitzer can become a real wrecking ball vs lighter opponents.

I had considered developing Nurgle/Chaos with some flavourful mutations, such as an Extra Arms Beastman and one with Two Heads to aid the ball playing aspect of the game, but these nasty casualty combos are quite powerful indeed!

Let me know your thoughts!


Axtklinge 16 July 2009 at 08:32  

Very usefull charts!
Not that Nuffle realy cares about them but hey, they might just help out making some blocking choices.

Rob 16 July 2009 at 11:12  

Yes, well Having looked at it again, Claw/MB is a better Chaos Choice compared to Claw/PO, the 2% extra chance you get (1 cas extra in 50 knockdowns) is not worth the 50 or so fouls you are going to take from it!

I havent factored in LRB5 Nigglings and The Stunty/Titchy players as well as their AV<7!

Anonymous,  30 July 2009 at 04:04  

I think your piling on math is wrong when combined with MB.
MB cannot be used on the PO reroll.
But i dunno if thats factored in.
Very helpfull chart indeed tho.

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